To-do list

I figure dreams are good to keep track of, just in case I get too grounded. Here’s my to-do list (I’ll add as I go along.):

  1. Not drink coffee for an entire week.
  2. Publish a research paper.
  3. Publish a short story.
  4. Publish a novel.
  5. Not drink coffee for an entire month.
  6. Go to Australia.
  7. Fall madly in love.
  8. Eat sushi with fish in it.
  9. Publish another novel.
  10. Raise an axolotl.
  11. Go to Spain.
  12. Go to England.
  13. Go to Italy.
  14. Go to France.
  15. Go back to Russia.
  16. Visit my parents’ college, Физтех (Fizteh, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology).
  17. Buy a house.
  18. Waterproof a room in my house; add water, sand, rocks, and plants; add frogs.
  19. Make a similar room for axolotls.
  20. And another one for fish.
  21. Open my house to the public.
  22. Meet Dierks Bentley.
  23. Go to a country concert.
  24. Go to a rock concert.
  25. Go to a rock concert that’s not Angels and Airwaves.
  26. Get married.
  27. Make babies.
  28. Graduate high school.
  29. Get tenure.
  30. Eat at the restaurant at the top of Останкинская башня (Ostankino Tower)
  31. Experience zero gravity (hopefully not related to #30).

(Not necessarily in that order.)


2 Responses to “To-do list”

  1. Nice to see your list is up. Great you added the “(Not necessarily in that order.)” at the end or the #26, #27 and #28 in that order would raise many eyebrows.

    I still think Angels and Airwaves concerts are cool; maybe because I’ve never been to one.

    and #8 and #18 are cool!

    • I’m not so sure about #8. You see I had an unhappy experience with fish involving parasitic worms. Since then I’ve been a little hesitant to explore any food involving raw fish.

      Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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