Thanksgiving break

I was not-so-recently asked in an interview, if I had one week of freedom—no homework, no schedules, no obligations—what would I do?

My first response was that I’d keep doing what I normally do. Then I fumbled around: I would program—no, I would blog—no, read—no, write a novel!—no, I’d work, or canoe, or, um, catch up on sleep, maybe, I think.

On Thanksgiving break, which here is a whole week long, I got that freedom, and I did all those things (except write a novel)—I programmed for work, I read over a thousand pages, I went kayaking, I grabbed more sleep than I’ve gotten in years, and I wrote several blog entries (which I will release in a timely fashion (Timely being all at once.)). I also saw 4.2 movies, experimented with ovens (also known as cooking), ate more cough drops than can possibly be healthy, and spent much-needed time with the three most amazing people in my life.


~ by science cow on November 28, 2009.

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