Unhappy art

It seems like my favorite artists have the sort of problems you’re supposed to see a professional about. Maria Mena makes a point of crying twice a day. Lily Allen likes to get publicly drunk and angry and then make vengeful stalker-esque music videos about it. Carrie Underwood (I don’t even listen to her music, but I think this is worth mentioning.) sings about wrecking her ex-boyfriend’s car. That doesn’t sound like healthy behavior.

Everything’s an Argument (which I finally bought for $3 on Amazon) says we make things “bigger than life” so that we can see them. Maybe, then, only extreme emotions can be expressed through music. Maybe whatever imbalance that causes depression and instability also generates art, and the drug addictions and 30-something-year life expectancies of most musicians are a necessary sacrifice.


~ by science cow on October 29, 2009.

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