Those days

I’ve been having a few of those days lately. You know—those days that start at eight in the morning and end at three in the morning, and then start again at seven; those days when the on button jams, your printer will only print in pink, and crossing lights are green until the moment you’re in front of them. But I’m making a few drastic changes, I’ve decided, so hopefully my quality of life and that of those who put up with me (Thanks, by the way.) will improve soon. Meanwhile I’ve had lots of adventures, none of which I’ve blogged about, all of which I will blog about come noon on October 10th—the scheduled date and time for hoped-for life improvements.


~ by science cow on October 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Those days”

  1. While I can’t really do anything about traffic lights, (or maybe I can – if you can, grab the some cool (anarchist) traffic light hack – illegal by the way, but completely untraceable if you know your programming right); but for the days ‘that start at eight’ I suggest modifying your biological clock to a 48 hour schedule. It sounds stupid, is even more difficult to achieve, but once you do it, you have about eight extra hours in a day. You can save the world with eight extra hours (For example it is 5:10 AM at the time of writing).

    The effort you put in your posts (or is it sheer talent?) is really commendable. Most of the blogs I track are written as ‘mind dumps’ and don’t really have anything short of terrible language (for example mine). And I think the ‘declaring categories’ is an epic idea! 🙂 I’m subscribing to the RSS feed. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind compliments! 🙂

      A 48-hour schedule sounds lonely–everyone would be awake when I’d be asleep. I’m making do with time management and to-do lists. Also, I’m done with standardized exams and the bulk of my college apps, so life is good again–even traffic lights are cooperating now! (And I try to avoid doing illegal things that could kill people, which is why I am not hacking traffic lights.)

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