Who I am, by the way

Now that I’m at PSU, not everyone reading this knows me that well. I’m not sure how to introduce myself without taking the stereotypical Alcoholics Anonymous way out (I don’t drink and never did (and don’t plan to), by the way), so here goes:


I’m Lydia.

I was born in 1992 in a small Soviet (Actually, the Soviet Union collapsed the year before.) village called Moscow, which is incidentally 1.25834 (Yes, I have those significant digits.) times larger than New York City by population. Then I moved to Chicago, which is 0.341130 the size of New York City. Then I moved to Pennsylvania. I ran out of interesting science classes at my high school, so I’m going to college instead of my senior year. Now I’m here.

I like sunsets, biology, chemistry, math, writing, reading, programming, parentheses, and lists. I like canoeing, kayaking, hiking, skiing, ice skating, camping, putting seaweed from random lakes in Tupperware containers and seeing what happens, sleeping, and photography. I have an amazing family and amazing friends, and two obese pet frogs named Meatball and Meatball Well-Done. I also have a pick-up truck named Конь (male horse).

When I “grow up” I want to be a programmer, a biologist, a writer, and a canoeing instructor. I’ll also have a regular column for Scientific American, Popular Science, and/or Technology Review. In the summer I help teach canoe camps. Right now I’m a computer science and biology major, taking 18 credits of awesome and interning at a genomics lab. Life is good. =)


~ by science cow on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Who I am, by the way”

  1. I envy your internship.

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