The first day of autumn

Today, to me, feels like the first day of autumn. The grass is still green, the trees haven’t changed color, and the flowers in our front yard aren’t dead yet; but that chill that slowly chipped away at our hot summer nights has turned our summer breezes into crisp autumn winds. It smells like fall.

Even more, it sounds like fall. If you sit by an open window and lose yourself in a good book, the forests’ whispering assures you that withered red leaves are slicing the air to the bare earth, gracing our mountains with colors that elsewhere signify war and passion, but here recount the slow and peaceful death of this hemisphere as it eases into a frozen stillness to which it is destined to return until the next ice age, when we will plunge into a never-ending frozen hell, breathless except for the occasional chirp of some animal left behind in a new absolute wilderness. But when you look up the trees are still green, and the ground is not red or yellow except for the occasional dandelion the neighbors forgot to rip out.

My mom says it’s the end of summer, not the start of autumn. Even so, the wind and the air assure me that autumn has flown in from last year and is unpacking his suitcases upstairs. Right now he’s reclining on the guest-room bed, still in the grey pants and checkered button-up shirt he wore in the airport. His deep brown eyes survey their new domain from over thick-rimmed glasses and an even thicker cigar. He’ll be here for a while, until winter with his piercing black eyes—piercing like the cold, harsh winds he sends us—peering from under thick grey eyebrows and an even thicker, long white beard decides that autumn, with the ambitions and the slow excitement of men just in their early forties, has stayed here long enough. Autumn is my favorite season, right now, until winter, and I think any book I write will probably be set in early November.

But no more writing, for now! There are rooms to be cleaned, grant proposals to be proofread, and textbooks to be read (and maybe, just maybe, Star Trek episodes to be watched).


~ by science cow on August 30, 2009.

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