Guess who's back?

So it’s been almost two months, again, since my last blog entry. Where have I been? Did I finally drown in my personal textbook reservoir? Did I forfeit myself to the library stacks and forget my food/water/coffee supply—and my senses—outside? Did June come too late?


It’s summer. High school is over. I’m not dead— Actually I’m very, very much alive. I haven’t been absent, I’ve been free. I’ve been canoeing, I’ve been biking, I’ve been reading, and, most importantly, I’ve been sleeping. I just haven’t been writing.

I had high hopes for my writing this summer—I mean I wanted to write a novel. But I haven’t written anything, and I’m on my third improve-your-writing-in-these-five-steps book this week. I even (finally) loaded a Thesaurus to my Handheld PC, so I can express myself (or try to) on the go. I guess I’m insecure, or I’m confused, or this is my kook method of procrastination.

Maybe I’ve just forgotten how. Really, last week my attempts at a grocery list were foiled by the thing’s complexity. (My thoughts, oh, so profound. My words—flour, apples, butcher knife—incapable of describing anything, really.) But maybe the break was necessary, just long enough to quit school-style on-demand writing. Whatever wild thing my muse is, hopefully it’s back—and I think it’s telling me to write book reviews.


~ by science cow on July 30, 2009.

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