A bug in my eye

This summer, while biking, I got in a scrape: a bug got in my eye. (Oh no! A bug!) But really, it was quite a bug, and it was in my eye. Of course, I did the same thing you or any other sensible person would have done: I lifted both hands to my face and rubbed my eyes–while biking. Luckily this atrocity didn’t last long, since my skills in biking with no handlebars and in biking with my eyes closed are both undeveloped. I ran right into–and over–a fence.

The fence was unscathed. After a few seconds of blinking stupidly I figured out that no, I wasn’t injured but wait, maybe I was. Six hours, an ice pack, and three x-rays later I was perfectly fine (plus the nervous Are-you-a-hobo? glances I got while “loitering” in the hospital parking lot (also known as waiting for my mommy to pick me up)).

(Am I allowed to put parentheses inside a parenthesis?)


~ by science cow on July 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “A bug in my eye”

  1. (Yes, you can (sometimes) put parentheses inside parentheses. (It’s kinda like nesting (well-written) code)))

    • (Thanks Noah; it’s good to know that I can nest my parentheses within parentheses (like nesting (well-written) code) and still be able to sleep at night (because I express myself best via parenthesis (and it would be sad if I weren’t allowed to)).) 😉

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