The Ethics of Star Trek, Dating, and AP Exams

Right now I’m programming, watching Cartoon Network, eating Jell-O, blogging, reading Technology Review, and swinging my legs to the sound of American Idiot—all at the same time, and all in Ohio. This time last week I was getting my daily 400 pages of Barron’s AP Prep and not eating Jell-O. I was also not in Ohio. So what happened?

First you should know that Jell-O is my staple I-just-got-dumped food. I’m not sure if I’m eating Jell-O because I just got dumped by a semi-quasi-sorta-almost boyfriend-type-person, or because it was the only thing in the fridge besides dried fish, but at least I’ve met this occasion with fewer tears than when my last laptop died. I think I’m starting to recognize some of the signs that something might not be right in a relationship:

  1. If both of us admit to considering a relationship with someone else, something is not right.
  2. If his SAT scores are more than 200 points lower than mine in more than one category, something is not right.
  3. If it might not be legal, something is not right.

This was my first experience with anything shady enough to warrant consistent eyebrow raising, so I figure it was worthwhile. But from now on I’ll stick with the mantra: “If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out perfectly,” and hope that my next boyfriend will be a chemistry nerd and young enough to be considered a teenager. But my love life wasn’t the reason I stopped blogging.

Another somewhat interesting occasion that had little to do with my not blogging was course registration. Being a rising college freshman, I get to schedule courses that actually relate to my interests (as opposed to high school). One reason I took eleven AP tests this year was to weed out those interests that I have but have not explored, so that when I schedule courses in college they won’t be nearly as random as my passing fancy for government or psychology. As a result I’ve become a little more aware of my interests, and my schedule features biology, chemistry, math, programming, and The Ethics of Star Trek.

What? So you’ve narrowed your interests down to math, science, and Star Trek? But Lydia, you haven’t even seen an attosecond (10^-18 seconds, the smallest measured unit of time) of Star Trek—why would you do something so capricious?

The truth is that, unlike 78.26% of my schedule, The Ethics of Star Trek is required for my intended major. (This isn’t a made-up statistic—I actually divided the credit hours of classes that have nothing to do with computer science by total credit hours.) The Ethics of Star Trek explores, well, the ethics of Star Trek, and is fundamental to any engineering major’s understanding of engineering ethics. So it’s totally legit.

Scheduling courses and getting my college ID card made me totally hyped for college—even more totally hyped than I was last week. I’m actually starting to learn my way around campus and the jaw-droppingly green and shiny study areas in the computer science building/bridge and various lawns, which is an improvement over eighth grade (when I finally learned the way to my classes two weeks before the end of the school year). I’m excited to sleep in past eight, to meet new people, and to start summer break in May. I’m excited for interesting classes, for freedom, for half-hour bike rides to campus, and for impromptu Frisbee games. (I suck at Frisbee, but college is for learning, right?)

Aside from being hyped for college, I’m also hyped up on drugs. No, not drug-drugs, but I am on a nauseating (literally) amount of chemistry to get rid of my strep throat, sinus infections, etc. Last year I got more than seven hours of sleep a night, did not take eleven APs, kayaked or jogged daily, and had a regular eating schedule. Now my only sport is physics, and sleep is something I do in my spare time. I’m also coughing up mucus. Funny how these things go hand in hand.

Speaking of sinus infections, the reason for my absence this past month and a half: AP tests. (Oooh! Sentence fragment!) Let’s just say they were amazing in a Ferris wheel kind of way, in that when you’re on it you’re wondering why the heck you got on and Will this ever end and Oh God, if this thing collapses I am going to die. But then once you get off you think Wow, I survived that giant wheel of suffering, and you walk off slightly nauseous to the shooting range booth-thingy where you discover that you’re really an epic sniper. Maybe not everyone feels that way about Ferris wheels, but I think it’s an appropriate comparison.

But now I’m in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Ohio for Memorial Day weekend, where there is no Internet or AP tests and the only place you can get cell phone signal is on top of the big rock on top of the big hill. I’m making a physics-related program in Java but I think I hear thunder, so I’ll go put away my laptop and dance in the rain. Or I’ll study for—

Nope, I’ll go dance in the rain.

(Throughout this blog I’ve added sorta, jaw-droppingly, attosecond, wimpiness, and Oooh! to my laptop’s dictionary. Degrading the English language is one of my favorite hobbies.)


~ by science cow on May 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Ethics of Star Trek, Dating, and AP Exams”

  1. You post so infrequently you have to announce it on FB? That’s kinda funny 😛
    Then again, you do have more readers than I do 😛

    • Pshhh….
      I’m also an attention whore, and my posts are extremely long. :p

  2. Haha, your life sounds fantastically interesting. I actually didn’t know you were gone for 1.5 months…I thought it was just 2 weeks or so. 😛

    • The 1.5 months was absence from blogging. And yes, my life is very fantastically interesting. :p

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