Boy Bands! =)

As a break from physics/chem/English/Spanish/history/econ/psych/gov/comp sci/oh-God-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into, I’m reviving my obsession with Бис (Bis for you non-Russians). Бис is to Russia what the Jonas Brothers are to the United States–very. pretty. boy band. The (formerly) long-haired one is actually younger than me, so to avoid being a pedophile I’ll pretend to only think that the lighter-haired one is insanely cute. Anyways, enjoy:

Now back to physics/chem/Eng… erm, how about just physics.


~ by science cow on April 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Boy Bands! =)”

  1. GOODNESS ME!! Lyddie, you ought to know my extreme obsession with pretty boys!! I ALWAYS drool and promote on my blog entries! (Though usually over the Finnish men.) Eeeeeeek! So tell me, when is Vsevolod’s birthday? I don’t wanna be a pedophile either. They sure seem a lot cooler than Dima Bilan, whose Eurovision performance had me, well, quivering. 😛 Yay for ignoring schoolwork. 😛

  2. Okay, so I just spent twenty minutes drooling…umm…so, on their Christmas-ish MV, Vlad (does he go by Vlad?) looks a lot like Legolas! Will stop this fangirliness now. 😛

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