It’s good to be wanted

Back when I was little(er), I used to get a rush of happiness at any letter addressed to me. Letters were VIP tickets, little packages of importance and adulthood. Now I’ve crossed the cool barrier: I receive more letters than both my parents combined. Here’s my college admissions junk mail since last recycling day:

This is how wanted I am.

Most of these are from colleges I’ve never heard of, much less considered applying to. They like to tell me how awesome I am:

I feel the love.

How does it feel to be wanted? Excellent, especially when the people wanting me can’t even spell my name right. Thanks, Faith Baptist Bible College. Not only did you completely miss my religion, but you couldn’t even figure out my name. (Not even the Kras part, which you spelled Frasiu.) Fail.

Faith Baptist Bible College.

Then there are those places that hope desperately that their “5 steps to being awesome” will spark my interest in their college:

The SAT! 5 simple ways! Your e-quiz!

It really doesn’t work that way. If you have to sell yourself, I’m not buying.

Of course there’s another side to the story. Sometimes places I’m actually considering applying to send me stuff. Like these guys:

Carnegie Mellon. Chicago.

More Caltech. Caltech.

(Caltech is so awesome, they get two.)

Caltech’s my favorite. They like to send me awesome quasi-thought-provoking questions, giving me a happy I’m-so-special-for-actually-getting-mail-from-Caltech feeling:

Mail from Caltech!

The best and worst of these letters have a special place in my heart, and on my desk:

My desk.


~ by science cow on February 28, 2009.

8 Responses to “It’s good to be wanted”

  1. Oh dear, look at that pile. Haha, my parents keep a lovely metal basket just for my junk mail. Haha, I ignored religion on my PSAT form, so none from Faith Baptist Bible College for me. I got quite a few from Caltech too, though. At least the Ivies like Harvard have some sense of dignity and send me just one (except for Columbia, which goes to excess). But also…the College Board people keep messing up my name, and I keep bugging them with e-mails, so apparently I have two accounts, with my first name one letter different. And now I’ve been getting double the mail, addressed to both “me”s! As if I have a twin with the exact same score. Pfft. Lovely scans, btw. 😀

    • Ahhh that must be an awful amount of junk mail! I wonder if sending out advertisements actually helps colleges attract students. At least for me, it completely kills their credibility and does more harm than good.

  2. Way to go!! I didn’t get nearly that many acceptances. I guess it’s because I applied fewer colleges, but who care?! You are awesome!! Good luck on making a choice! ^_^

    • Whoa, no. Those are definitely not acceptances. While I did get accepted somewhere pretty cool (see my Facebook stati–can that be a plural for status?), I did NOT in any way, shape, or form get accepted to any of those awesome places. I actually only applied to one place this year, though next year I’ll be applying to lots of other places. The stuff I posted about in this blog is just junk mail. You know, the stuff you get from colleges when puts you on their mailing lists.

  3. Yeah, I realized that after I commented. I thought “Wait, she shouldn’t be applying to colleges yet!” But that’s still awesome, anyway. (And you’re still getting way more than I did!!)

  4. The Life of the Mind from University of Chicago? AHAHA
    Yeah…I pitched all my crap and stopped counting and caring after about 2 days of letters…

    • Do they still send you stuff even though you’re a senior and done applying?

  5. I love the way you let the images do much of the talking here, Lydia, with just enough verbal interpretation.

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