This whole blogging thing

A friend of mine vlogs (is that an accepted verb yet?) his post-high-school life to keep up with his high school friends. Another friend of mine blogs his everyday life as a sort of diary. I’ve also been reading the MIT Admissions Blogs for the past five years. They make it look pretty cool, so I guess I’ll try blogging. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that’s okay because I rarely know what I’m doing. I also don’t know where this is going, but that’s okay since I rarely know where anything is going (especially trains, cars, school buses, and other things whose destinations one should generally be aware of).

I’m a bit curious about who will actually read this. Being a member, I get a little counter that tells me how many people visit my blog and when. Unfortunately there’s no “hostile stalker count,” but hopefully if you’re a hostile stalker my blog will soften your heart and make you a friend, or at least a friendly stalker. Then you can enjoy all the benefits of being a hostile-stalker-turned-friend, like reading my musings on the color purple.

Hopefully this will be a blog where I can just free-write–a place to vent emotions and rants much in need of venting, and consider dire questions much in need of considering. Maybe I’ll even improve my writing.


~ by science cow on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “This whole blogging thing”

  1. And so, yet another person has been sucked up into the Blogosphere by the strong winds resulting from the ventilation system of our Allmighty Series of Tubes.

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